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Born in Canada.  Learned in STREAM across Canada, France, Jamaica, and America, Lee is passionate about strengthening our relationships with ourselves, one another, and the natural world in wonder, equanimity, compassion, joy, and love.  Lee credits her continued joy of learning to nearly 30 years playing with children, their families, and the company of compassionate, intelligent, balanced teachers, exploring the true purpose of school (Corinthians 12:28). Lee agrees with Robert Fulghum, everything I know, I learned with Kindergartners. As a younger woman, Lee stretched her artistry in radio, film, theater, and tv.  


Lee and her partner of 40+years now embrace with gratitude the Hamakua Coast.  Marveling daily at Hawai'i's extraordinary geology, geography, flora, fauna, ancient lore, and her gracious people who consistently create a future of beauty and sustainable life. Lee loves to practice the shared inquiry model of teaching and learning she is so grateful to have discovered in Junior Great Books. Shared inquiry is a model of research and dialogue, much like the scientific and engineering design processes. She intends to continue to share its infinite applications as a fun and easy framework for conscious sustainable living, deep learning, and applicable wisdom.  Accessible to learners of all ages and styles.  Life, naturally, is THE All-Age "school".

January to June and September, Lee emcee's Conversations with Love to Inspire Conscious Joyful Actions at 1 p.m. PST.  Lee's current livelihood is blessed by a handful of private clients.  Lee has several independent programs available on the site. She also hosts live programs throughout the year available to all.

Thank you for bringing your expertise, your gratitude, and your wonder to shared inquiry projects in service to #1Earth, #1Ocean, #1Health, #1Love. Its cherished and lasting peace, liberty, and justice for all people, places, and environments.

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